Are There Any Essential Hiking Apps Or Technology I Should Consider?

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If you’re planning to hit the trails and explore the great outdoors, you may be wondering if there are any essential hiking apps or technology that can enhance your adventure. From navigation tools to safety features, there is a multitude of options available to make your hiking experience even more enjoyable and efficient. So, before you lace up those boots and embark on your next hiking expedition, it’s worth exploring the world of hiking apps and technology to see what they have to offer. Absolutely! Hiking apps have become increasingly popular among outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of features to enhance your hiking experience. Whether you need assistance with navigation, planning and preparation, health and fitness tracking, social and community engagement, safety and emergencies, equipment and gear management, language and translation, environmental awareness, or even entertainment and relaxation, there are countless apps available to cater to your specific needs. In this article, we will explore some of the top essential hiking apps across these various categories, ensuring that you are well-equipped and prepared for your next adventure.

Top Essential Hiking Apps


AllTrails is an exceptional app for discovering and exploring new hiking trails. With over 100,000 trails in its database, it provides detailed trail maps, user reviews, photos, and difficulty ratings. You can filter trails based on length, difficulty, and other criteria, ensuring that you find the perfect hike for your preferences. AllTrails also allows you to track your hikes, providing real-time statistics such as distance, elevation gain, and pace. Additionally, the app offers offline access to maps and trail information, ensuring that you can navigate even in areas with limited connectivity.


GaiaGPS is a robust navigation app that goes beyond traditional mapping. It offers topographic and satellite maps, allowing you to visualize your surroundings in great detail. The app includes features such as offline maps, real-time tracking, altitude measurement, and compass navigation. GaiaGPS also allows you to plan your routes in advance, mark waypoints, and access previous tracks and waypoints for reference. Furthermore, it offers enhanced features for premium users, including additional map layers, printing maps, and syncing data across devices.


MapMyHike is a popular app for tracking your hikes and recording various fitness metrics. It uses GPS to accurately measure your distance, speed, elevation gain, and calories burned. The app offers customizable audio coaching, providing real-time feedback on your performance. MapMyHike allows you to save and share your routes, follow routes created by others, and join challenges to stay motivated. It also integrates with other fitness apps and devices, allowing you to synchronize your data seamlessly.

Hiking Project

Hiking Project, powered by REI, is an app that provides an extensive database of hiking trails, both popular and off-the-beaten-path. The app includes detailed trail descriptions, photos, difficulty ratings, and user reviews. Hiking Project allows you to download maps for offline use, ensuring that you can navigate without a cellular connection. You can also track your hikes and contribute to the community by adding new trails or updating existing information. The app is user-friendly and constantly updated, making it a valuable resource for hikers of all skill levels.


PeakFinder is an incredible app for identifying mountains and peaks around you. By utilizing your device’s camera and GPS, the app generates an augmented reality view that overlays the names and altitudes of peaks onto the live camera feed. Whether you’re a passionate peak bagger or simply curious about the surrounding landscapes, PeakFinder provides a captivating way to understand and appreciate the mountains in your vicinity. The app also offers offline functionality, allowing you to access peak information even in remote areas.


Komoot is a comprehensive app that combines navigation, route planning, and community interaction. It offers detailed maps, turn-by-turn voice navigation, and personalized route recommendations based on your preferences. Komoot allows you to plan multi-day hikes, cycling trips, and even winter sports adventures. The app includes offline maps, ensuring that you can explore remote areas without internet access. With a strong focus on community engagement, Komoot allows users to create and share their own routes, contributing to a vast collection of inspiring itineraries.


ViewRanger is a versatile app that caters to hikers, cyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts. It offers a wide selection of maps, including topographic, satellite, and even augmented reality maps. The app provides comprehensive navigation features, including offline maps, GPS tracking, and real-time statistics. ViewRanger allows you to discover and download thousands of trails, as well as create and follow your own routes. The app also integrates with popular wearables, ensuring that you can track and analyze your activities across multiple devices.


Yonder is a social networking app specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It allows you to discover and share your outdoor experiences through photos, videos, and written posts. Yonder provides a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, join outdoor communities, and seek inspiration for your next adventure. You can browse through a feed of outdoor content, search for specific locations or activities, and even save posts for offline viewing. Yonder fosters a supportive and encouraging community, enabling you to share your passion for the outdoors with others.


TrailLink is an app that focuses on providing comprehensive trail information for various outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, and running. The app features an extensive database of trails, offering detailed descriptions, maps, user reviews, and photos. TrailLink allows you to search for trails near your location or explore popular trails in different regions. You can save your favorite trails, track your progress, and contribute by adding new trails or providing updates. The app also includes features for recording and sharing your outdoor experiences.


Spyglass is a powerful navigation app that combines GPS, compass, maps, and augmented reality to assist you in finding your way. It offers a heads-up display that superimposes information onto the live camera feed, including compass bearings, coordinates, speed, altitude, and distance to waypoints. Spyglass allows you to mark and share locations, measure distances and angles, and even save your current position for future reference. The app includes features such as night mode, rangefinder, and integration with other apps and devices.

These top essential hiking apps provide a wide range of functionalities that can greatly enhance your hiking experience. From navigation and trail discovery to planning and preparation, health and fitness tracking, social engagement, safety and emergencies, equipment management, language and translation support, environmental awareness, and even entertainment and relaxation, these apps cover every aspect of your hiking journey. Choose the ones that align with your specific needs, and embark on your next hiking adventure with confidence and convenience. Happy trails!