Soft bristles ensure a gentle and comfortable cleaning experience for you and your wonderful dog.

dog paw cleaner blue

2 In 1 Dog Feet Cleaner Cup

Quickly and efficiently cleans your best friends paws, saving you time compared to manual cleaning. 2 in 1 unique design: the cleaner can be used as a paw-cleaning cup when the silicone bristles are inside. And ( this is really great! ) it also can be used as a pet brush for bathing and grooming when the silicone bristles are turned outside. How great is that!?


Stay Clean

Prevents muddy paw prints and dirt from being tracked into your house. I know they will be so excited to get home for some treats and cuddles so lets get those paws nice and clean. 

Gentle on Paws

Soft bristles or silicone bristles ensure a gentle and comfortable cleaning experience for your number one fan. Check out our video to see how how happy Samba is! 

Easy to Use

Simple design makes it easy for anyone to clean their dog’s paws without fuss. This mean your best pal will look forward totheir foot massage and not get too impatient with you. 


dog foot cleaner

Bath Time

Turn this inside out and use it to give your best friend a good gentle scrub. The bristles help you clean their coat with out hurting or scaring them. We love this!

dog foot cleaner with hook

Handy Hook

This hook is neat little feature.  It has the benefit of hooking on to your belt or bag for easy access and also lets you hang it up to dry after using. nice right?


“This paw cleaner has been a game-changer! My floors have never been cleaner, and my pup loves it too!”

Sarah M.


“I take several dogs on walks every day, and this tool makes cleaning up after our adventures so much easier and quicker.”

John P.


“I recommend this to all pet owners. It’s gentle on paws and keeps harmful dirt and chemicals out of the house.”

Emily L.


“As a pet groomer, this paw cleaner is a must-have. It saves time and keeps pets’ paws healthy between grooming sessions”

Amanda T.


How do I use the dog paw cleaner?

Simply fill the cleaner with water, insert your dog’s paw, and twist the cleaner back and forth. The bristles inside will remove dirt and debris from your dog’s paws. Dry the paws with a towel afterward.

Is the dog paw cleaner safe for my dog?

Yes, our paw cleaner is designed with soft, gentle bristles that are safe and comfortable for your dog’s paws. It’s made from non-toxic materials to ensure your pet’s safety.

What size dog does the paw cleaner fit?

Our dog paw cleaner comes in multiple sizes to accommodate different paw sizes. Please refer to our size chart to find the best fit for your dog.

How do I clean the paw cleaner after use?

The paw cleaner is easy to clean. Simply rinse with water, and let them dry before reusing.

Can the paw cleaner be used with soap or other cleaning agents?

Yes, you can add a mild pet-safe soap to the water for extra cleaning power. Just make sure to rinse your dog’s paws thoroughly to remove any soap residue.


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