Dog chew toy
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Chew Toys For Dog Teeth Cleaning

13,92 incl tax


  • High-Quality Materials 🌟: Made with TPR material, safe and non-toxic. The durable rubber offers excellent bite resistance and elasticity, ensuring it’s gentle on your dog’s teeth while being tough enough to last.
  • Teeth Cleaning 🦷: The serrated, non-slip surface is soft yet effective. The side groove design protects your dog’s teeth and gums, helps clean teeth, reduces plaque and bleeding gums, and maintains fresh breath. Perfect for training and teeth grinding, keeping your dog’s dental health in check.
  • Reduce Anxiety 🧘: Alleviates pet depression, anxiety, and boredom, enhances your dog’s intelligence, and meets their strong chewing needs. This reduces the likelihood of destructive behavior, keeping your home tidy and intact.
  • Enhance Interaction with Pets 🤝: Ideal for interactive play. The hollow design allows you to add treats or snacks to the ball, promoting good eating habits and making playtime even more engaging.
  • Easy to Clean 🧼: Washable, easy to clean, and reusable. Keeps hygiene in check and ensures long-lasting use.
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Product Category: Biting Toys

Material: TPR

Weight: 40g

Item: Hexagonal toys

Specifications: blue, green, pink

Type: puppy

Toy type: Chew toy

Package Content :

Molar toy x1

Additional information

Weight 0,05 g
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 in

Green, Blue, Pink


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